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What is time tracking of employees?

Many people have heard about employees’ time tracking but don’t know what it exactly is. This is the main problem of the niche – it’s quite unpopular. Why is that? I think one of reasons is the sound of this process – employees time recording, employees monitoring – those words cause bad associations for all of us. But this is not the way it should be.

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Time tracking is mostly for employees’ own good

No one likes to be controlled – it’s natural attitude for all man. And this is the most common misunderstanding – time tracking is not control in traditional way of thinking. It’s mainly about self-control, or rather self growth, which comes from analyzing our efficiency and learning on our own mistakes.

Time tracking allows employee to watch statistics of his worklfow and eliminate mistakes and imperfections. For example if one worker tends to neglecting one kind of tasks at the expense of another – with time tracking reports he can easily see the difference that he usually don’t see and make an effort to improve his work.

Time tracking is also a ralief for project managers

As it’s very hard for project manager to control and rebuke his friends from a team, time tracking with TimeCamp softwere is great solution because it relieves him from this duty. Therefore he can maintain good relations with colleagues and at the same time he has access to their time data so he always can check who works less or more.

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